WALL - High gas prices are already adding fuel to the presidential campaign, with candidates promising to lower prices at the pump.

New Jerseyans have long enjoyed some of the cheapest gas prices in the country, but are still feeling the pain of recent rising prices. However, depending on where you live in New Jersey impacts how much you have to fork over to fill up.

South of exit 100 on the Parkway, gas is about 20 cents cheaper a gallon on average, according to the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). The lower prices are thanks to convenience stores like Wawa, which offer cheap gas prices outside to get customers to go inside. Businesses are also cheaper to operate in the southern portion of New Jersey, which means prices of gas don't have to be as high.

Gas prices are still steeper in comparison to New York and Connecticut, where drivers are already paying $4 a gallon.

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