NORTH ARLINGTON - A cold, snowy winter followed by a rain-soaked spring can be a recipe for road disaster.

Potholes are always a big problem in New Jersey, but this year they are especially bad. News 12 New Jersey took a look at a high-tech solution to the commuter craters.

The "Pothole Killer" is a truck designed to fill potholes in an instant. Larry Marciano, of the Meadowlands Commission, explained the truck to News 12 New Jersey.

Each pothole takes about 2-3 minutes to fill. Once the tar goes in, it's covered with light shale so it can be driven on immediately.

The Meadowlands Commission is paying $9,000 a month to rent the "Pothole Killer" to use in the towns it serves. This year, five communities asked for it. Commission workers run it, so towns don't have to use their own manpower.