NORTH PLAINFIELD - At 99 years old, cooking teacher Agnes Zhelesnik (better known as Granny) has found the key to staying young.

"The children are the secret," says Zhelesnik. "Once you work with children, you don't want to stay home."

Zhelesnik began her teaching career at Sundance School in North Plainfield 16 years ago. She picks recipes that are easy for her students but with a healthy and educational spin.

"She loves to work," says Agnes Arakelian, daughter and co-worker. "She keeps busy. Routine has a lot to do with longevity."

She says she hopes to stay on the job as long as possible. The school says they are already planning on a big birthday party next year when she turns 100.

Zhelesnik, who teaches three to four classes a day, has three children, six grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.