JERSEY CITY - Authorities today released the 911 call made by a Walgreens employee moments before a young police officer was gunned down outside the store.

The caller told the operator that a man had just attacked the store's security guard. "He took the officer's gun, she says. "The security officer... he knocked him... He's still in the store, and he took his gun."

The audio from the July 12 recording does not include the ambush and murder of 23-year-old Officer Melvin Santiago by the man who had taken the security guard's gun.

The 911 operator tells the caller to hide. "We're all in a room with the door locked," the caller responds.

According to investigators, the shooter told a witness, "Watch the news later, I'm going to be famous."

Authorities say Santiago's fellow officers shot and killed the gunman.

The rookie officer was laid to rest last week and was posthumously promoted to detective.