READINGTON - News 12 New Jersey has obtained the 911 call made by a Somerset County man accused of killing his grandparents in February.

Ezra Simon-Daniels, 20, is accused of killing Louis Simon, 78 and his wife Beatrice, 65, inside the home the three of them shared in Branchburg on Feb. 13.

The nearly 10-minute emergency call made by Simon-Daniels seems to show that the he was disoriented in the hours after the alleged murder. He tells the dispatcher that he woke up in his grandfather’s car in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Readington covered in blood and had no memory of how he got there.

When asked if he was injured, Simon-Daniels responded, “I’m not bleeding, I don’t think from anywhere. I checked, but there’s blood all over."

“All over what,” the dispatcher asked.

“Me, my legs, my feet and my hands,” Simon-Daniels said. A little while later, he also noticed he had blood splattered on his face and that he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

While the dispatcher worked to get a police officer to Simon-Daniel’s location, he also asked him what he remembers last.

“I was having pizza…in the living room of my house. And then I went to bed,” he said.

Simon-Daniels also told the dispatcher that although the car was running and the temperature was set to 71 degrees, he was very cold. The dispatcher told him to turn the heat up more.

Simon-Daniels sounded distraught and confused as he tried to remember how he ended up in the parking lot. When police officers finally arrived, Simon-Daniels thanked the dispatcher for helping him.

Once police found that Simon-Daniels was not injured, they went to his home in Branchburg to check on his grandparents. That’s when they found the couple dead inside.

The state's Regional Medical Examiner's Office ruled the deaths a homicide, reporting that both victims died of blunt-force trauma to the head.

Simon-Daniels now faces two counts of murder. He remains jailed, with bail set at $2 million.