NEWARK - A 9-year-old boy called 911 Tuesday morning as his mother was being assaulted in their Newark home.

Police are still piecing together what happened, but witnesses say that at some point, the boy left the home on North 7th Street looking for help for his 27-year-old mother.

A neighbor told News 12 New Jersey he heard screams and found the boy's mother covered in bruises with her clothes torn.

The victim's husband, Michael Bonet, says four men were at the home to work in the basement at the time of the attack. He blamed his landlord, Agha Khan, for having them in the home.

Khan says he sympathizes with the victim, but he did not hire anyone to work in the home.

Newark police say they are looking for a man in the attack, but have not released a description.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether the woman was sexually assaulted and where the attack occurred inside the home.

The woman's injuries are considered minor and she is expected to recover.

Police are asking anyone who might have been in the area Tuesday morning and saw anything suspicious to call police.