EDISON - An 84-year-old diabetic woman was left all alone for 11 hours at Newark Liberty International Airport earlier this month and her family wants to know why. 

Alice Vaticano's daughter says a skycap was supposed to take her mother to her gate, but instead, left her all alone. 

Vaticano had been visiting family and relatives brought her to Newark to fly home to Denver. She was put into a wheelchair and in what they thought were the capable hands of skycap employees. 

They were supposed to guide her through security to her gate, but she somehow fell through the cracks.

"I was just sitting there all day," Vaticano says. "He just pushed me there and left me." 

Donna Vaticano says her mother was left alone for 11 hours without food. She wasn't injured during the long wait, but their questions as to how this happened have gone unanswered. "What happened to her? What are people's jobs? Who's supposed to be paying attention?" she asks.

Southwest Airlines released a statement verifying that Vaticano was checked in two hours prior to her scheduled departure. They blame a processing error during the check-in process.

Employees at the gate weren't alerted to the special-need wheelchair boarding the aircraft. 

Vaticano arrived in Denver four hours late with an apology from Southwest Airlines and two $100 vouchers.