NEWARK - An 81-year-old Newark man is in the intensive care burn unit after he was given the wrong person’s prescription.

Marquette Scott says he went to the Walgreens on Bergen Street in Newark Wednesday to pick up his prescription for Macrobid to treat a urinary tract infection. Scott says instead he was given the wrong person’s prescription for a medication to treat upper respiratory infections.

The medication caused Scott to have a severe reaction. He is now at St. Barnabas Hospital to be treated for burns and blisters on his body.

“Every time I do something my skin busts,” Scott says. “I’m very miserable.”

Scott tells News 12 New Jersey that he never checked the name on the bottle because he just assumed he had the right one.  Family members also point out that the actual name of the person written on the prescription bottle is a very complicated name.  They say that their grandfather would have just assumed it was the name of the medication.

A spokesperson for Walgreens says that the company is looking into what happened and will make an official statement at a later date.