CHESTER - Police say they arrested a 74-year-old man for killing his wife, also 74 at the couple's home.

Charlotte Moran's body was found yesterday at their home on Pleasant Hill Road in Chester. Officials say that a family member had tipped them off regarding the murder.

Police discovered a bloody baseball bat on a bed, just feet from where they found the deceased body of Charlotte Moran.

Moran told investigators he believed his wife was cheating on him and that she and his son were conspiring against him.

Moran also said it was his wife who first attacked him with the baseball bat and in self defense he struck her back. Police say he did have cuts, but there was no sign of a struggle in the house.

Leo Moran is being charged with murder and weapons offenses. His bail has been set at $1 million.

74-year-old man arrested for wife's murder