BRICK TOWNSHIP - A 7-year-old boy from Brick Township is being credited with saving his mother’s life after she went into diabetic shock.

Aden Earl says that he recognized that his mother Christine was having health issues and immediately called a family friend and 911 to get help.

“I didn't know what was going on.  I knew she was crying,” says Aden. “I didn't know like what until she said, ‘Help, help.’"

After calling for help, the boy let the family’s dog out so that he wouldn’t get in the way. He then unlocked the front door and waited for paramedics to arrive.

Brick Township police say that Aden was very smart and that most adults do not know to put the dogs away.

Aden’s mother says that his aunt trained him to care for her when her blood sugar drops.

“He's my little angel, my little hero,” says Christine. 

This is the second time Aden has witnessed his mother go into diabetic shock. He was 3 years old the last time. His aunt taught him what to do after that incident.