NEW BRUNSWICK - Rutgers police have arrested seven men in connection with an assault that happened outside the College Avenue gymnasium in New Brunswick, according to a spokesperson for the department.

The assault happened just before 1 a.m on Sept. 7. Police say the seven men, who are not students at Rutgers, surrounded a student who came out of the gym and allegedly robbed and assaulted him.

Police were called to the scene for reports of a fight and arrested Rocco Mills, Gennaro Toscano, Aidan Kollmar and Cody Sorrentino, all from Green Brook. Also arrested were David Velazquez from Warren, and Kevin Holmes and Michael Divito-Piscoya who are from Easton, Pennsylvania.

Police say that they recovered stolen items from the group, as well a knife and brass knuckles. They were all charged with robbery and aggravated assault.

Many Rutgers students tell News 12 New Jersey that they question their safety on and off campus. The arrests come following the Aug. 31 sexual assault of a woman off campus, and the arrest of several students, including six football players accused in a string of violent crimes.

Rutgers University police say that they have increased patrols in off-campus neighborhoods and are adding surveillance cameras.