WALLINGTON - Two Wallington police officers say that they are lucky to be alive after they were hit by a car that crashed into a 7-Eleven.

The crash was caught on the store’s surveillance system. Partners Sgt. Tomasz Kruk and Officer Peter Zagaja were inside the store Sunday morning. They were paying for their items when suddenly a Buick crashed into the store.

Sgt. Kruk was flung onto the hood of the car and then landed on the ground on Officer Zagaja.

The sergeant says that he initially thought they were intentionally targeted.

“It’s in the back of your mind because of what’s going on in this world,” he says. “You just don’t know.”

Despite being injured, the officers quickly sprang into action, because the driver attempted to flee. They were able to stop him.

The driver, Robert Devlin, was charged with assault by auto. According to the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department, Devlin was driving while impaired.

"It is very hard to hear something like that, especially when you hear an officer [got] hurt,” says Wallington Police Chief Carmello Imbruglia.  “They're more than an officer.  They're family here."

The officers suffered some cuts and bruises, but are expected to be OK. They say that the accident won’t stop them from visiting the 7-Eleven in town.