LEONIA - A school bus driver was charged with traffic violations in a fatal pedestrian accident in Leonia, according to borough Police Chief Thomas Rowe.

The incident happened near the intersection of Broad Avenue and Fort Lee Road at around 8:30 a.m.  Investigators believe 60-year-old Leyla Kan, of Fort Lee, was crossing Broad Avenue when she was struck. She was dragged approximately 71 feet, police say. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Esperanza Jaramillo, 54, was charged with careless driving and failing to yield to a pedestrian. She was also charged with an equipment violation, because the bus tires were found to have very little tread, according to police. Rowe says there will be no criminal charges in the case. 

Witnesses say the driver didn't realize she had hit and dragged Kan until bystanders got her attention and she stopped the bus.

Police stressed that neither Kan nor the bus driver were on a cellphone at the time of the accident, as was speculated shortly after the accident.

The chief admits this intersection is difficult to manage. "I wish I could put a crossing guard there 12 months a year, but it's not economically possible for us to do that," he says.

Video from Chopper 12 showed a school bus stopped at the scene and skid marks along the roadway. A white sheet was draped over the back of the bus.

Kan ran Picnic Cafe on Broad Avenue. A memorial of flowers and notes was growing Thursday night.