ENGLEWOOD - Englewood police say six people wanted for the brutal beating of a gas station attendant in January have been arrested.

According to police, the group stole some small items from the station’s convenience store. The attendant came outside to write down their license plate and that’s when they allegedly attacked him. The beating was caught on the Mobil station’s security camera.

Five of the suspects are from the Bronx and have been charged with the assault. The sixth suspect, a woman, allegedly instigated the encounter, but did not participate in the beating. She turned herself into police earlier.

The footage is ultimately what solved the case, according to police.

“If we didn't release the video, we would not probably be standing here right now,” says Englewood Police Capt. Tim Torell. “Definitely the video gave us leads.”

The victim in the beating, Danny Jaloudi, says he is glad for the cameras.

“Everything worked,” he says. “We have the cameras, the media put the pictures of these perpetrators on TV, and people came forward to talk.”

The suspects are being held in New York City pending their extradition back to New Jersey.