FLEMINGTON - Animal Control in Flemington had to deal with a case of animal hoarding this weekend.  

Officers removed 51 cats and one dog from an apartment but the animal’s owner disputes that she was hoarding the animals and argued that they were healthy. 

The animal’s owner, Toni Ising, could be facing animal hoarding charges from the state SPCA. 

Animal control workers found that at least two of the cats were unhealthy as they had to be hooked up to an intravenous. 

The raid happened because neighbors couldn't bear the smell of cat urine any longer, which was noticeable on the front lawn and from inside the first floor of the apartment building. 

Ising was forced to leave, as her apartment was condemned by the borough. 

The state SPCA will investigate and decide whether any charges will be filed.

The animals will be checked out by a veterinarian and then put up for adoption.