HILLSDALE - Five students at Pascack Valley High School have been suspended for what is being called "racially charged" behavior.

Officials at the Pascack Valley Regional School district are investigating a possible "white supremacy" club at the high school after swastikas and "white power" signs were found at the school.

Those responsible for the signs have not been found, but students allegedly caught posting racial slurs online and holding up signs at school events have been suspended.

Pascack Valley Schools Superintendent P. Erik Gundersen says this type of behavior is not acceptable in the community.

"High school is a small microcosm of society at large and you're going to have some people that have viewpoints that are unacceptable and socially inappropriate," he says. "We need to work together as a school to combat those types of behaviors and make sure there is no place for that at our schools."

School officials will be meeting with members of the Anti-Defamation League later on this week, as well as meeting with students.