NEWARK - U.S. authorities say two suspects in a massive international scheme to steal 160 million credit and debit card numbers are in custody.

Dmitriy Smilianets is in custody in the U.S. and is expected to appear in a federal court in New Jersey next week. Vladimir Drinkman is in the Netherlands pending extradition.

The Russians were among five men, all from Russia and the Ukraine, named in an indictment announced Thursday in Newark.

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman announced the indictments at a news conference earlier today in Newark. "The losses in this case are staggering," he said.

Fishman says the alleged hackers had been robbing 17 major corporations of their customers’ credit card numbers since 2007. Three of those 17 suffered losses of $300 million or more.

Discover Financial lost $312 million. More than 130 million card numbers were stolen from Princeton-based Heartland Payment Systems, causing the card processing company losses of $200 million.

Fishman says hackers were using malware to gain access to various networks and steal credit card numbers, then sell them to thieves who would reuse the numbers.

Customers' log-in credentials were also stolen from the Nasdaq, but prosecutors say its trading platform was not affected.

Three of the hackers are still at large. Fishman asks victims who believe they have been hacked to contact his office.