LAKEWOOD - More than three dozen dogs are now recovering after being rescued from an abandoned home in Lakewood.

Animal officers say the dogs’ owner wasn’t fighting or selling the dogs. They say that this was a classic case of hoarding, and neglect charges are pending.

The golden retrievers and border collie mixes were found in deplorable conditions Thursday night in a home on Spruce Street. One of the rescue groups told News 12 New Jersey the home was covered in feces and several dogs were living in the walls of the structure.

Neighbors say they’ve called authorities several times to complain of the constant barking and foul smell coming from the home.

“We heard tons of barking, it stinks,” says Eli Somekh who lives nearby. “Some kids used to look through the windows across the street and used to see them dog fighting.”

The home was in such bad condition that it was condemned by the township before the raid. Animal control officers had been removing the dogs a few at a time in recent weeks after the tenant promised to move out.

The house is scheduled to be demolished within the month.

The dogs’ owner has not been seen in several weeks and authorities do not currently know her whereabouts.

The dogs will be put up for adoption as soon as they are medically cleared.