NEWARK - A 4-year-old girl was dropped off at the wrong school by her bus driver Tuesday.

Ranique Woodson, says her daughter, Ra'Kaiya Harris, was supposed to be taken to her pre-school, Leaguers Inc., but instead was left at North Star Academy, a middle school.

She says it wasn't until police and the school contacted her that she realized her daughter had been at the wrong school.

Woodson says officers showed her surveillance video of her daughter being left in the cold.

Newark Public Schools released a statement about the incident. 

"The safety and well-being of the children in our schools is our top priority and we are very careful to ensure the safe transportation of our students with our contracted bus vendors. We are working with Ra'Kaiya Harris' family to investigate and correct this matter with the bus company," says Dreena Whitfield of Newark Public Schools.