HAMILTON - Four members of a Mercer County church choir have been chosen to be part of an exclusive group to sing during Pope Francis's Philadelphia Mass next month.

The singers are all from Saint Gregory the Great Church in Hamilton. Dr. John Shaddy, the church's music director, as well as his wife Susie and two other choir members, David Maliakel and Emma Rhine, will travel to Philadelphia to take part in the Mass.

"People in our church love to sing," says Susie Shaddy. "We feel we've been preparing a long time, brining all energy we have here and bringing it to Philadelphia."

In all, 250 people from churches all across the region will sing 20 songs during the Mass. Churches were invited to nominate up to four singers for the honor.

The choir rehearses every Monday in Philadelphia. There will be a variety of songs during the Mass, including some classical pieces and original hymns written specifically for the Mass.