NEWARK - Officials in Newark are hoping that the rescue of four dogs left in a yard without food, water or adequate shelter will serve as a lesson to pet owners.

The Associated Humane Society of New Jersey picked up the pit bulls Tuesday morning at a home on Eastern Parkway, after receiving a tip from a man who spotted them while looking for a car he had to repossess.

"No pet should be left out like that," says George Teixeira, of Short Hills Recovery.

Scott Crawford, of the Associated Humane Society, says warnings against the cold temperatures aren't just for humans. "No living being should be out in this temperature more than 20 minutes at a time."

Crawford says there was water left in a five gallon bucket, but it was frozen solid.

The Humane Society took the four dogs to their facility in Newark, where they were fed and warmed up.

At least three should be available for adoption. The fourth, Crawford says, may be too aggressive because he was trained as a guard dog.

The group is reminding residents not to leave animals in cold temperatures for more than a few minutes, or only as long as you can take it.

"Be out there with your animal, feel the temperature your animal is feeling," Crawford says. "If I want to go inside, I'm sure my dog wants to come back inside with me."