NAVESINK - It's a mystery of history: decades ago, a class of Navesink kids buried a time capsule to wow people of the future with trinkets from the past. But now, no one can recall just where the capsule was placed.

Some of them were second-grade students at Navesink Elementary School when they buried the capsule back in 1982. The young students buried items like Rubix cubes and Jordache jeans to represent what was hot in pop culture at the time.

The capsule is set to be unearthed this year. The only problem is, nobody in the community seems to be able to remember where it's buried.

To uncover the mystery, school officials checked out the contents of an old safe in a utility closet. Inside, they found a map detailing the capsule's location and a letter the kids wrote to be read in the future.

Officials are keeping the capsule's location a secret until the day it is unearthed.