MORRISTOWN - Three Morristown High School students are facing charges for crimes against a classmate who later committed suicide.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi says that Lennon Baldwin endured two separate attacks from fellow students.

Bianchi says Baldwin was assaulted inside Morristown High School on March 6 with the incident being caught on camera.

The juvenile identified in the video was suspended but not before he allegedly pressured Baldwin to lie about the incident.

"Mr. Baldwin, following instructions, in fact did return to the school and reported to the dean of students that the assault that occurred earlier was a joke and in fact, the defendant was playing a prank on him," said Bianchi.

The prosecutor says that two days later, three attackers inside the parking deck at Century 21 robbed Baldwin as payback for the suspension.

Authorities say that the student from the first attack was there with another juvenile and 19-year-old senior Michael Conway.

Lennon, 15, hanged himself on March 28.

The three teens are charged in connection with those incidents, not with Baldwin's suicide, authorities say.

The two juveniles have been released to their families and are under house arrest. Conway remains in custody.

There has been no determination as to whether Morristown High School responded under New Jersey's new anti-bullying law.