TOMS RIVER - Police are searching for suspects after three men were shot early on New Year's Day at a Ramada Inn in Toms River.

Officers were called to the the hotel on Route 9 just before 1 a.m. after a 911 caller described a gunshot victim in a room in the rear of the hotel.

When they arrived, police observed several people trying to climb out of a second-floor window and heard lots of screaming.

John and Dawn Carroll had just finished watching the ball drop inside their room at the Ramada, when commotion broke out on the floor above them. "We started hearing people brawling upstairs. The whole floor was shaking," says Dawn Carroll. "Screaming, crying, then we heard people banging on the door to get in and out."

Two victims were found in different areas of a hotel suite. Police say a third victim was taken to a Lakewood hospital in a private car.

Each room at the hotel was checked for additional victims and suspects. "We were basically in lock down all night and we couldn't get out of the building," says Carroll.

Police have not announced any arrests.

Authorities say one victim is in critical condition and another had surgery. They have not released information on the condition of the third victim.

According to the The Lakewood Scoop, one person suffered a gunshot wound to the foot and another person was shot in the chest.