JERSEY CITY - (AP) - Three men face weapons charges aftergunfire erupted in Jersey City early Sunday in an incident thatalso involved a city police officer.

Lt. Edgar Martinez, a police spokesman, said Officer Louis Meckawas on patrol in his cruiser with Froto, his police dog, whenmultiple shots rang out around 3:15 a.m.

Mecka left the vehicle and fired two shots after one suspectaimed a gun at him, but didn't hit anyone. He then released Froto,who brought down one suspect while Mecka held the others atgunpoint until other officers arrived.

The three men - Jose Smith and Marquis Harris, both 25, and28-year-old Jidon Rogers, all of Jersey City - each face severalweapons charges.

Smith also was charged with assault on a law enforcement animal.He was treated for superficial wounds sustained when Froto bit him.