EAST RUTHERFORD - A new video has surfaced of a rivalry gone too far at Sunday's Jets game.

The video, along with an earlier version posted to Deadspin.com, shows a male in Jets gear punching a woman in the face at MetLife Stadium.

State police say they are investigating the incident after the matchup against the New England Patriots, but fans at the Giants game Monday night wanted to know what was being done to keep them safe at the stadium.

It isn't clear what led to the scuffle, but no security is visible in the original video.

Most fans say they feel comfortable with the current level of security. "I feel very safe," says Tom Curry of Bergenfield. "I think security here does a great job, but you can't stop every incident no matter where you are."

Some say there isn't much police or security officers can do to prevent this type of behavior, and that it is up to the fans to be responsible.

A 38-year-old Long Island man, Kurt Paschke, is being questioned in connection to the fight. Prosecutors say Paschke has a long criminal history, including having served three years for criminally negligent homicide in 1995.

Paschke's mother tells News 12 that Paschke only punched the woman in the video after she and a group of Patriots fans attacked him.