SEASIDE PARK - Firefighters are still on the scene in Seaside Park, monitoring the situation and watching for hot spots.

As the massive blaze burned it's way up the boardwalk toward Seaside Heights Thursday, firefighters cut a 25-foot wide trench into the boardwalk near the intersection with Lincoln Avenue. Officials say it starved the fire of wood it was using as fuel.

There were about 30 firefighters in the area constantly spraying water to keep it from jumping the trench. It's what fire crews referred to as their "final stand" in getting the flames contained.

Crews then poured water on the gap. "We had as much water as we could defending these buildings, and that's where we stopped it," says Ocean County Fire Coordinator Brian Gabriel.

Residents tell News 12 New Jersey that the loss of even a few feet of the boardwalk is devastating.