NORTH BRUNSWICK - The Special Olympics 2014 USA Games are now in full swing in New Jersey as more than 3,500 athletes compete in 19 events. 

Jessica Licata is swimming for more than just first place. The East Brunswick native says it's about the friendships. "Win or lose, it's not about that. It's about being a good sport," she says.

Ryan Hargrove, of Somerset, has been training for the past eight months. "My body's ready," he says. "I'm mentally ready and I'm ready to go for the gold."

Although most will be held in Mercer County, one bowling competition was held in North Brunswick Monday. The match was held at the Brunswick Zone Carolier at 8 a.m.

Other competitions occuring throughout the week include baseball, basketball and flag football, among many others.

Some location sites for the competitions include Princeton University, Rider University and Mercer County Park.

There are 269 New Jersey athletes competing in the Special Olympics. It's the largest group of the 46 states represented at the games.

Award ceremonies will take place later this week.