SUMMIT - A family from Summit will have to spend the next few days finding alternate means of transportation after a 200-year-old tree fell on their cars.

The massive tree came crashing down at around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in front of the McFadden family's home on Shadyside Avenue, totaling their Buick and Mercedes.

"I was up in my room and I heard the whole house shake," says son Seamus McFadden. "All the lights went off and the power went out. It was a huge noise."

The McFaddens say they had been thinking of having the tree cut down, but the city of Summit would not allow it because the tree was deemed a historical landmark.

The city will dispose of the parts of the tree that fell in the street, but the McFaddens will be responsible for cleaning up their property.

No one was injured when the tree fell. The family believes the tree fell due to its age.