CLIFTON - A bridal shop owner and her sister are looking for help in tracking down the man who robbed them at gunpoint.

Kaity Cherismay and her sister were unusual targets of a holdup at the store on a busy street in broad daylight.

The man, caught on surveillance video, can be seen walking into Bruelle Bridal on Sept. 6 and approaching the women behind the counter. He speaks to them calmly at first, then pulls out a gun and demands money.

The owner grabbed for a security alarm under the counter. "My sister was about to pull the alarm.," says Cherismay. "And he was like 'don't think about it, put your hands where I can see.'"

When the sisters told the robber they don't keep cash in the shop, the robber grabbed the owner's engagement ring and wedding band off her hand, then fled the store on foot.

Cherismay says the robbery was the most terrifying few moments of her life. She wants to find the man who robbed them, not just to get the rings back, but to regain a sense of security. "We don't know if it's someone who wants my sister to be dead. It's tough," she says.

The robber also pointed his gun at several other customers who happened to walk into the store.

Cherismay says she had seen the man before in the shop and believes he had scoped out the place.

The stolen rings are valued at about $18,000.

Authorities are urging anyone with information about the robbery to call Clifton police.