TRENTON - A suspect is dead and two detectives are recovering following a shootout during an arrest attempt in Trenton.

Police Director Ralph Rivera says 30-year police veteran Detective Edgar Rios underwent extensive surgery after being shot twice in the torso. The department says Rios suffered major organ damage. He is in critical but stable condition.

Rivera says Detective James Letts, a 15-year veteran, was shot in the shoulder, and underwent surgery.

Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph Bocchini says Eric McNeil had allegedly broken into his girlfriend's home Wednesday night, kicked and punched her, and stabbed her young puppy to death. Police removed her from the home and took her for treatment.

Police returned to the home on Hobart Avenue with the girlfriend Thursday morning to serve a domestic abuse warrant. McNeil exited the house and opened fire.

The detectives returned fire, killing the suspect.

Bocchini says McNeil is a convicted felon, and recently out of prison.

Rivera asked the public to keep the detectives in their thoughts. "My request, because we already know who the bad guy is and everything else, is that we continue to ask the public for your prayer and your support," he said.