SOUTH PLAINFIELD - Two men posing as police officers forced their way into a South Plainfield hotel room and demanded cash, according to authorities.

The incident happened around 4 a.m. last Saturday at the Red Carpet Inn on Hamilton Boulevard.

South Plainfield detectives say the men called a hotel room before walking into the lobby. They knocked on that room's door and returned to the lobby when no one answered. The men then allegedly asked the attendant for a room key; one of the men showed a police badge.

The suspects were given the key and forced themselves into the room, telling a man and woman inside that they were police officers. Detectives say the woman was a prostitute, and that the suspects made off with an unknown amount of cash. They say they believe the incident may have been drug-related.

Newark police are also looking into the incident, checking to see if there is any connection with a string of robberies there.