SANDYSTON - Two juveniles sustained minor injuries after a yearling black bear attacked their campsite yesterday.

The young campers, a 12-year-old from Jersey City and an 11-year-old from Brooklyn, N.Y., were part of the Montague-based Trail Blazers Camp.

The group was lodged in several tents in the Gren Anderson section of Stokes State Forest in Sussex County when the young bear entered their campground sometime after 5 a.m., the state Department of Environmental Protection said yesterday in a news release.

One child was scratched on the shoulder and the other child sustained a puncture wound on his foot, according to state DEP officials. Both children were taken to a hospital for treatment.

The bear left, but soon returned and was rummaging through the campsite when state fish and game officials arrived and shot the bear in the neck.

State DEP officials said this was the first reported instance of a black bear attack against humans in New Jersey this year.

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