FORT LEE - Two of the five teens that say they were left overnight in a Fort Lee police van are now filing lawsuits. The five teens were arrested for alleged underage drinking at a local party.

Police say it was a mistake, but it led to the five arrested teens being locked in a van for 14 hours. The two Fort Lee High school juniors who are filing suit, Adam Kim, 17, and Kevin Jun, 17, spoke with News 12 New Jersey about their cold night in the police van. Jun described how they huddled together to keep warm as temperatures dropped.

The borough attorney says 27 underage partiers were brought to police headquarters. Five of them were left locked inside a cage with tinted windows. The 17-year-olds say police officers went on another call first to a Wendy's and then to Gotham City, without the teens even being noticed, despite their screams.

Fort Lee officers suspended after locking partygoers in a van