HADDONFIELD - Two employees from the Bancroft School care facility in Camden County were arrested for allegedly abusing two students there.

Nastassia Hines and Mondja Djamba, both 28, work at the facility for people with special needs. They are accused of whipping a 14-year-old boy and restraining him under a desk. They are also accused of restraining a 19-year-old man under a desk. The actions were reportedly caught on camera.

After the arrests, many parents from the school reached out to News 12 New Jersey, fearful of how their children were being treated.

Adele Hahn says that she grew concerned about injuries her son appeared to sustain at Bancroft. She brought her concerns to the school, but an internal investigation found no wrongdoing. She says that she is still worried about sending her son to the school.

“My son is doing better but it doesn't mean that I am completely at ease. I fear for my son, I worry about my son 24-7,” Hahn says.

Another parent, Lisa Egan, tells News 12 New Jersey that complaints are often followed by internal investigations that don’t seem to go anywhere.

“Other parents are like ‘Your son was abused… why don’t you just bring him home?’ Well you can't do that. As much as I want to yank him out of the program, you'll go right back to the bottom of the list,” Eagan says.

A spokesperson for Bancroft released a statement, which says that the school has “a zero tolerance policy toward any action that would endanger or purposefully injure an individual served at Bancroft.”

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office says that officials at Bancroft are cooperating in the investigation and there are no plans to release the video of the alleged abuse.