PATERSON - Two people have been arrested and charged in the murder and robbery of an off-duty Newark police officer in Paterson that took place earlier this week. Police say Newark Detective Michael Morgan, 32, was outside the Sunrise Gentlemen's Lounge near Getty Avenue on Monday morning. He was speaking with one of the club's dancers when he was shot in the torso and robbed. Authorities have identified the suspects as Jerome Wright, 24, who is connected to various addresses in Paterson and Newark, and Nahali Gadsin, 19, of Newark. The Passaic County Prosecutors Office says that Wright shot Morgan and then robbed the dancer, a 32-year-old woman, at gunpoint. She was forced to lie on the ground as the robber took her purse containing a cell phone, credit card and money. Police say Wright also took Morgan's wallet, which contained police identification.

Hours after the robbery, authorities say Wright was seen on surveillance video attempting to use the dancer's credit card at a Foot Locker in Newark.