SEA BRIGHT - Rip currents along the Jersey Shore have been quite rough in recent weeks, prompting several water rescues.

The latest incident happened Monday morning, and an 18-year-old is struggling to stay alive at Monmouth Medical Center. The victim was swimming on an unguarded beach in Sea Bright.

Last week, a 25-year-old swimmer died when he went under the water off the coast of Sandy Hook. He was also swimming at an unguarded beach.

Captain Mike Hudson, of the Sea Bright Ocean Rescue, says there have been 30 rescues this summer in Sea Bright, nearly all from rip currents.

"I want to stress this. I only want people to swim in lifeguarded areas," says Hudson, adding that he would like to see an end to unguarded beaches.

"Next year hopefully we will have a flag system and we will get more warning to people that they are in unguarded areas," he says.

Captain Hudson says he has been in talks with the Sea Bright Borough Council about getting more money next summer for more lifeguards. The town currently only has 15 guards. Hudson wants to be able to pay for more to cover all the beaches.