OLD BRIDGE - Two of at least 17 people injured in a crash involving an Academy bus and an overturned school bus in Old Bridge are in critical condition.

A 42-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman are being treated in the trauma unit at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. The others are in stable condition at Raritan Bay Medical Center.

Police say the crash happened on Route 9 North near Arcade Lane.

Chopper 12 video from the scene showed the school bus flipped over onto its side. The Academy bus had struck a utility pole and a tree. The limb of that tree can was seen coming through the roof of the bus near where the driver was sitting.

Police Capt. Arthur Carullo says the two most severely injured in this morning's accident were both on the commuter bus and included the driver, whose legs were pinned.

No students were on the school bus. The police captain says the driver and an aide on that bus were able to escape on their own through a roof hatch.

Academy Bus spokesman Joe Orlando says the commuter bus route originated in Lakewood and was headed for Wall Street in Manhattan.

Route 9 southbound has since reopened. One northbound lane has also reopened.