RAHWAY - Building inspectors are working to determine if a Rahway church is structurally secure after its roof collapsed, injuring 14 people.

The collapse happened at the Manantial de Vida Church during Easter services Sunday at around 2:15 p.m. as the congregation was reading from the Bible. The pastor says about 75 to 100 people were sitting in pews at the time. 

Witnesses say they had to pull debris off the injured to free them and get them outside.

According to police, one person suffered a serious head injury. Thirteen others suffered minor injuries.

The West Grand Avenue church is shared. It is owned by Elim United Methodist, which has a Korean following and had used it in the morning. They share it with Manantial De Vida, which held services in the afternoon.

Rev. Leo Park says they haven't had any work done to the building and they didn't believe the ceiling was in need of repair. 

Churches from the surrounding areas have offered their services to help worshipers displaced by the collapse.