PATERSON - One quarter of Paterson's police force was officially laid-off today.

The layoffs of 125 police officers come after the city eliminated 392 municipal workers out of a workforce of nearly 2,000 to combat a $70 million budget deficit. The officers targeted for layoffs began turning in their badges and guns on Friday. The last of the officers turned in their equipment today.

The police union called for its members to march to City Hall today in opposition to the cuts. Officers say it's not just them but the city that will be hurt.

A group of Guardian Angels has been stationed throughout the city in response to the layoffs. The volunteer safety organization says it will conduct patrols to help ease the transition.

Mayor Jeffery Jones and the PBA president say that 25 police officers will be reinstated because of a federal grant, but that it won't take place until July 1.

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