EDISON - One hundred injured veterans cycled into New Jersey Tuesday as part of the Ride to Recovery 9/11 Challenge.

The 330-mile ride is sponsored by United Health Care and is part of the Ride to Recovery Challenge series.

The program uses long-distance cycling trips to help injured veterans recover from the physical and mental injuries they sustained during their military service.

Event director Joe Coddington says that the event is also an outlet for veterans to bond over their experiences.

"Being able to ride side by side with another vet that was injured really gives them the common ground to talk, and when they start talking to each other through peer-to-peer counseling, they're able to tell their stories,” Coddington says.

The veterans started their ride on Sept. 11 in Arlington, Virginia. They will complete the challenge Wednesday when they arrive at the Sept. 11 Memorial at the World Trade Center.