ABERDEEN - A construction worker on the Garden State Parkway was killed when an SUV crashed through a work zone early Wednesday morning.

Construction continues near mile marker 119, but a helmet and safety vest rest in the median in honor of 54-year old Cesar Desouza-Caetano.

State police say 21-year old Marc Senatore, of Nutley, was driving a Ford Explorer when he veered into an area of cones, hitting Caetano, some equipment and a pickup truck.  A second construction worker, 60-year-old William Heise of Rockaway, was injured.  

Investigators say the driver was "exhibiting signs of intoxication."  He consented to a blood test, but police have not released the results.

The crash is a reminder for drivers to be careful around road crews. Workers are often in precarious spots and sometimes just inches from passing cars. 

Drivers who spoke to News 12 New Jersey agree that it's their responsibility to protect those road crews. "You have to slow down because you never know what's going to be up ahead," says James Wallace.

State police have not yet announced criminal charges in Wednesday's crash.