New Jersey woman opens fashionable medical uniform business

A Monmouth County woman is giving medical uniforms a makeover with designer scrubs.
“You want to look professional, you want to have confidence,” says Seventh Street Scrubs owner Linda Rice-McKnight.
Rice-McKnight, of Neptune, launched her business in January.
“It’s an online business, but I do carry some scrubs here at home. So, depending on your size and the color you may need, I may have it here, readily available,” she says.
Rice-McKnight says that her scrubs are fashionable and trendy - and stretch.
“They’re figure-fitting,” she says.
And for those who may stop by Rice-McKnight’s stop, she says that she is making sure her customers stay safe during the pandemic.
“Over at the door, we do have masks that are individually wrapped, sanitizer, wipes and we have gloves,” she says.
The scrubs are covered in plastic, and Rice-McKnight says that she has the items dry cleaned after someone tries them on.
Rice-McKnight says that the beginning of the pandemic was rough for her business.
“The surgery centers were closed; doctors’ offices were closed. No one was buying uniforms,” she says.
But she says that she never gave up hope.
“Don’t give up…if you have a dream, dream big,” she says.
Rice-McKnight says she came up with the name Seventh Street Scrubs to honor her parents. They raised seven children on Seventh Street in Aberdeen.