Hoboken considers requiring permits for bars to hold pub crawls

Hoboken city officials are considering an ordinance that would require bars and restaurants in town to acquire a permit to participate in a pub crawl.
Councilman Michael DeFusco introduced the ordinance on Wednesday. It would require promoters of events like LepreCon and SantaCon to apply and pay for permits.
The permit would cause $3,000 per participating bar and restaurant. The money would go toward police overtime and cleanup costs.
“We need to hold those who are using our resources accountable,” DeFusco says. “And in this particular case, we need to generate money off the bars that are benefitting from these bar crawls. We want to see our bars succeed. We want to see our restaurants succeed. But we also want to see them give their fair share back to the community in which they are serving. That’s only fair.”
The promoter of the crawls would be responsible for the permit costs. Individual bars could pay another $1,000 for use of their outdoor space during the events.
The ordinance passed its first reading at Wednesday's council meeting. A second reading will need to be held.