Going for a walk on the beach? Not in this Jersey Shore town

Seaside Heights has closed all its beaches amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the gates are on the walk ramps onto the beach – meaning you can’t go onto the sand.
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Mayor Tony Vaz says he was disturbed by what he saw in Florida. He says heeding the orders of Gov. Phil Murphy means keeping people from congregating in large groups, and if the weather turns, he has no doubt groups would want to converge on the sand. 
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The mayor also says for second homeowners who are still thinking of coming to the Jersey Shore, please don't, echoing the words of other lawmakers up and down the shore. 
“I know you're taxpayers, I have your concerns, but to come down here and we don't have the resources in case you get sick and your family gets sick and the food elements and the hospital elements, it would be disaster,” says Mayor Vaz.
The boardwalk remains open for now, but restaurants, bars, and concession stands are all closed. Vaz says he knows locals like to walk or jog, and as long as it doesn't get out of hand, he will keep it open – but that is subject to change.
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