BEACH HAVEN - It's the first day of school today for many in New Jersey, but it's a special one for the students in Beach Haven.

Beach Haven Elementary School reopened for the first time since Hurricane Sandy almost destroyed it.

School officials, faculty members, parents and students are all excited to get back to class after the 100-year-old building was brought back to life by crews that worked for months on the repairs.

Superintendent and Principal Eva Marie Raleigh says she wasn't sure the school would be ready for the new school year. "There was probably one day this summer where I thought, oh no, but I'm pretty positive and motivating and I believed we were going to get it done and its done," she says.

Mayor Robert Keeler says the community worked hard to make the reopening a reality. "People who don't live here think that we're a shore town," says Keeler. "We have the honor to be a Shore town for 100 days, but the rest of the year we're a small town and we have small town values."

Gov. Chris Christie also visited the school Wednesday, congratulating students and staff on a successful recovery from Sandy.