EAST RUTHERFORD - The Super Bowl Host Committee says it is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at MetLife Stadium on game day, thanks to help from area agencies.

Officials showed off a machine that can melt down 600 tons of snow every hour at a media event Wednesday. It's just one of the ways officials say they can fight winter weather.

"We have the trucks, we have the manpower and we have the supplies on hand to fight any major event," says Joe Mrozek, of the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Not only do crews need to make sure the parking lot at MetLife Stadium, field and seats are clear, but they also need to make sure area roads are plowed so both residents and tourists can get around. "The roads, bridges, tunnels that lead the teams from their hotels to practice fields and event sites will play a crucial role in the fans' experience," Mrozek says.

Officials say it will be a combined effort between the DOT, Port Authority, Turnpike Authority, and New York Department of Sanitation. They have hundreds of trucks, thousands of people, and tens of thousands of tons of salt.

"These efforts will allow hundreds of thousands of people to move more easily throughout the region, whether they're going to another event or MetLife Stadium," says Super Bowl Host Committee member Al Kelly.

Officials say it will take a major storm to postpone the Super Bowl, but they are ready to pull the plug if public safety becomes an issue.  

Super Bowl XLVIII is scheduled for Feb. 2.

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