HOBOKEN - The Iconic image of the Super Bowl is often the roman numerals in the logo, and this year those numbers are getting some special treatment In Hoboken.

Architect John Nastasi worked with Hoboken resident Scott Katz to design, construct and place huge figures of XLVII, the letters representing the roman number for "48."

"We've got a beautiful snow-covered pier," says Nastasi. "Makes the numerals look great.

The hope is that people will be drawn to the display and drawn to Hoboken.

The numbers and the background are iconic enough, but time lapse videos will also be shown before the NFL's broadcast of the pro-bowl.

Pier A Park is going to be the center of Hoboken's celebration of the big game, and the numbers are the center piece.

A frame and solid cement will hold them in place, and they will be lit at night, giving them an icy wintry feel.

The best views are from New Jersey and create a unique view for the state's first time hosting the Super Bowl.