NEWARK - Thousands of Super Bowl fans were faced with transit delays as they headed out of the big game at MetLife Stadium.  

Thanks to the snow, many of those same fans are stuck at Newark Liberty International Airport, as they attempt to fly home. Hundreds of flights were canceled Monday due to the snow.

Dan Matejko, his wife Amanda and son Trent were still waiting for their flight back to Chicago, hours after they were supposed to leave. Matejko says his family started the day at Laguardia Airport but relocated to Newark after their flight was canceled. "If we can't get out, we'll just drive home," said Matejko.

Denver Broncos fans say it's just another frustration in a series of setbacks. "Since we were moved four times, possibly they may cancel us," said Brad WIlliams, of Denver. "There is supposed to be snow in Denver."

Most fans appeared to be handling the delays well, especially the Seattle Seahawks fans, who proudly sported their gear.