JERSEY CITY - Security for this year's Super Bowl isn't just limited to MetLife Stadium.

New Jersey State Police are making sure they cover all of their bases covered for this year's game. When it comes to security, experts say any venue or event related to the Super Bowl could be seen as a target or threat. State police say they have two very specific spots to protect: the two team hotels in Jersey City.

They will be working with the Coast Guard to create a security zone a half-mile long along the Jersey City coastline on the Hudson River. The security zone sits between the Hyatt, where the Broncos will be staying, and the Westin, where the Seahawks will be staying.

To find or foil any threats on Super Bowl night, state police will use what they call a Moose Boat, which can travel 50 mph and turn on a dime. The boat has infrared technology on board and is jet-propelled, so it can move in and out of shallow waters.

In addition to monitoring the Hudson, state police will be around MetLife Stadium to watch over the swamps, specifically Murray Creek.

With an estimated 100,000 people coming to New Jersey for the Super Bowl, state police are working to address every type of threat.